Tag Team Therapy

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Tag Team Therapy is a non-traditional approach to the traditional couples’ therapy model where a married couple actually provides the services rendered to the couples. This style of therapy and coaching provides a unique benefit for both individuals within the couple unit, because each person of the couple is represented in the room: the client couple along with the supporting couple. 

Couples that participate in this method gain a broader range of insight into their presenting concerns and a wider scope by which their presenting concerns are filtered through. This often allows couples to experience opportunities for connection and intimacy at a deeper level because it expedites the process by removing that unspoken nuance where one or both individuals may feel insecure about the therapist’s alliance, when they begin therapy. 

Historically couples’ counseling is lead by one woman and sometimes men can feel invisible within the process of therapy in fear that their needs or issues would not be understood, overlooked, minimized, or even invalidated. So this approach has been successful in leveling out the marital therapy playing field where each person of the couple feels completely supported and valued from both perspectives.