Terence Hardley, MFT (ST)

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Terence Hardley has worked over 30 years in the corporate sector as a corporate paralegal, and most recently was positioned as a Senior Corporate Operations Liaison in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia for 22 years. Terence has had the great honor of working in tandem with the Secretary of the State of Georgia and many Fortune 500 companies in the marketplace creating dynamic professional relationships.  

One of Terence’s passions has always been helping men fulfill their distinct roles as husbands and fathers. Being a husband himself for 22+ years and father of six beautiful children with his wife, Terence has learned many valuable lessons and endured numerous experiences that support his credibility as a male mentor and coach. Terence has a natural ability to draw out the best in the men he supports and gains great joy from watching them heal from broken hearts, rejection, abandonment, anger and other trauma that impact men. 

Terence was inspired to provide a safe space for men to gather and work through their issues and barriers preventing them from fulfilling their roles as men, husbands and fathers. Terence aspires to be effective in whatever he does, leaving God’s fingerprint wherever he is, and on the lives he impacts.

Areas of Experience

Relationship concerns

  • Couples coaching
  • Parenting
  • Behavioral
  • Anger/Stress Management
  • Mens’ Concerns


  • University of Rochester, BS, History, Minor: Psychology
  • Northcentral University, Marriage & Family Therapy, ST