Terence & Keynia Hardley

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Marriage and Family Therapists

Credentials and Professional Experience

Terence & Keynia Hardley have a proven successful marriage of 23 years yielding six beautiful children ranging in age from nine years old to 22 years old. Keynia is a trained marriage and family therapist with a Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy from Northcentral University; a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University which includes a double minor in Journalism and Marketing; and Special Education Certification from University of Georgia. Terence is currently completing his degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from the same university, while providing support to men and couples as a relationship coach. During undergrad at Rochester University, Terence majored in history and minored in psychology as well.

The dynamic pair provide therapeutic support to individuals, couples, and families and have been working together since they met. They have counseled countless couples throughout their 23 years together and mutually have a heart to help couples get “unstuck”. They know the difficulties that can come with learning each other, growing together and becoming a well-oiled machine.

Terence and Keynia enjoy facilitating workshops and conferences centered around helping couples and families. They have a Youtube page called Knot Hardley Broken™ where they create videos around topics related to couples, relationships and family. These videos have life-changing content that helps initiate healing, reconciliation, conflict resolution, and is full of just plain old good stuff!


The Hardley’s use an eclectic mix of therapy and coaching that involves ongoing connection, listening, and probing to determine the next best step toward meeting the client’s desired outcomes. Their conjoint services have been known to help couples experience greater connection, intimacy, communication, and ways of relating by learning strategies to navigate through the destructive cycles that create frustration for them. This non-traditional approach to meeting with couples, has not only shown effective with women, but has also allowed men to feel an even greater sense of support because another man is sitting in the room. Somehow when in this setting with the Hardley’s, both individuals feel a great sense of support, validation, and safety.

Terence & Keynia’s approach with families helps to empower them to manage their challenges with parenting, life cycle changes, and other life stressors. This duo is very acquainted with situations that often bring clients to therapy seeking help, and is committed to leading them toward their better days and relief.

Areas of Expertise

  • Relationship concerns
  • Couples counseling
  • Parenting
  • Childhood
  • Behavioral
  • Stress Management
  • Men’s/Women’s Concerns